"Nube" means "cloud" in Spanish. Love this word.
I am a French mama living in Paris with my German lover.
Liv and Papa, Abbot Kinney blvd, June 2012

We have a beautiful little girl named Liv (b. in 2011) and are expecting our second baby girl in November.

Liv and Mama, July 2011

Our lady Jack Russel is part of the family too! 

Liv and Leeloo, at home, december 2011

I am a French teacher for foreigners in La Sorbonne. 
I love:
my baby's big doe eyes and her perfect 12 teeth
painting: "working with the substance", mixing colours, making collages, playing with words on canvas... 

Little Havana, 2010
simple but stylish details, "les petits je-ne-sais-quoi"
Jackson Pollock and Nina Simone and Marguerite Duras
my lover's Belgian tiramisu with speculoos
vintage "treasures"
photographing new places...